DT:Premiere | D-Leria - Invisible [Delirio]

DT:Premiere | D-Leria - Invisible [Delirio]

D-Leria drops his debut album Driving To Nowhere this December on his own recently formed Delirio imprint.

The Italian conductor has a steady and solid release schedule for the last few years that has a definite focus on quality over quantity, and that has seen his original music on labels such as Nachtstrom Schallpatten, Gynoid Audio, Darknet, and Alex Dolby’s Affekt.

The track we selected for this DT:Premiere is track five called “Invisible” that has a captivating mystique from modular bleeping riffs and spooky, sweeping textures. It’s raw, analogue, back bone is easy to love for any purist as it comes complete with a machine lead, hands-on, hypnosis.

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DLP001 - D-Leria - Driving To Nowhere

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