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PVS is a project born and grown in the Eternal City.

The artistic journey of Marco Piovesan is strictly connected to the person of Freddy K, which introduces PVS to the european rave culture that he partially knew because of his experience collected in the early 2000’s while he was attending trance raves.

Year by year Marco increases his music culture and taste experimenting different kinds of sounds and going through multiple alias until he finally finds his own way as PVS.

2013 is the year of the turning point: PVS got asked to be part of the roster of Unbroken Booking and at the end of the same year, he has the chance to sign his own EP on the well known M_REC LTD.

Thanks to this release he had the chance to play side by side with “the boss” Max M in several showcases around the Europe that has led to appearances in clubs like Tresor (Berlin), Off (Paris), About Blank (Berlin), KBD18 (Copenaghen) and the one that doesn’t need presentation: Berghain.

Also in 2013, PVS starts his own label: H.omevvork and the first release received great support from the whole techno scene: “Fuckin’ Society” has been consumed by all the main exponents of the techno industry and it’s still very played nowadays.

You can find tunes signed by PVS on imprints such as Children Of Tomorrow, Attic Music, Gynoid Audio, Sonntag Morgen, and Key Vinyl amongst others.

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