DTMIX209 - Dorian Gray [North, ITALY]

DTMIX209 - Dorian Gray [North, ITALY]


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Dorian Gray makes a return to the Death Techno mix archive nearly 5 years on from his first outing. Known for his productions on TGP aka The Gods Planet, Edit Select Records, Deepbass’ Informa and Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien to name a few. Journeying into atmospheric, hypnotic and dubby techno, this exclusive mix takes the listener into sparse, spaced out sounds that have a perfect, progressive energy and grace for the educated fan. Tracks featured by Ness, Blazej Malinowski, Matthias TORM, Christian Gerlach, Microbots, and many more…

Tracklist :

01. CARSON : eroded darkness [Carson Music]
02. NESS : unravel [The Gods Planet]
03. BLAZEJ MALINOWSKI : III [The Gods Planet]
04. MATTHIAS TORM : prospero [The Gods Planet]
05. KONTINUM : escape (Matthias TORM Remix) [DORIAN]
06. KONTINUM : ulfrest (Matthias TORM Remix) [DORIAN]
07. DORIAN GRAY : wandering atoms in the cosmos [DORIAN]
08. MATTHIAS TORM : elnath [The Gods Planet]
09. CHRISTIAN GERLACH : spica [Lanthan.audio]
10. BARREL : lirpa [.defaultbox]
11. MICROBOTS : cosmic evolution [Shootingstar]
12. KINETA : cosmic flux [Ute.Rec]
13. THE DOSADI EXPERIMENTS : gowachin rituals [Ute.Rec]
14. CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS : photosynthesis [Carbon Based Lifeforms]

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