R.B.S. + N3

R.B.S. + N3

Illegal Alien / Subsist / Signal LTD / Diffuse Reality

Emerging from both the friendship between R.B.S. and N3, forming a deep connection through sonic trips, this live project delves into techno in its club oriented vision.


R.B.S. is like the unmistakable taste of a good mezcal, the Ribes alias through which he incorporates his Mexican influences into techno to achieve a result as energetic and mesmerising as possible. Mexican producer based in Barcelona and audio engineer specializing in mixing and mastering, Ribes has released works on Subsist, Illegal Alien, Signal, and Chapter. He has also collaborated with Datura Dilema, releasing as Emitto Audio releases on Modular and Out-Er (Out Electronic Recordings), among others.


N3’s musical journey traces back to the underground hip-hop scene of 1990s Barcelona, with a quantum leap occurring two decades later when he began building his own DIY modular synthesizer, focusing on electronic music in both its experimental and dancefloor-oriented aspects. Introduced in Paris, Tokyo, and Kyoto, in 2018, the first live project based on the instrument, NIYARI, was released and subsequently edited by the Synth Vicious label in their catalog. RINSEN would arrive two years later on Diffuse Reality label, also incorporating remixes from various artists. Since then, N3’s modular project has continued to grow and evolve, incorporating new sounds and influences.

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