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Raphael Dincsoy, a techno addict from Stuttgart. Every day in Rapha’s life is completely turning around techno. He wakes up and he is falling a sleep with techno in his mind. He works as booker for the Lehmann Club (Stuttgart) and he is the chief editor of the Partysan Magazine (Stuttgart). Also he is working for Martin Eyerer and his labels Kling Klong & Session Deluxe. But this isn’t enough. Actually he and the Lehmann team are setting up an own artist management agency and a new vinyl/digital label. Besides all of this, Raphael Dincsoy is well booked as a DJ. As a producer he is busy in the studio. Current releases on labels like Micro.Fon, A.F.U Limited, Bulletdodge or Gayle San Recordings.

If you ask Raphael Dincsoy, a nightlife addict since 20 years - about his life and his passion, he will tell you just a few words : “My Life is Nightlife. Simple as that!“. Almost every day in Rapha’s life turns around music and its business. During the week he works as booker for Stuttgart’s home for techno, the Lehmann Club. As a founding member of the club he has been part of the project since 2009. Since 2018 he is also the head of the in-house label Lehmann Musik. The weekends he spent as a Resident DJ at the Lehmann Club or in clubs / festivals all around Germany and Europe. Turn up is the lifetsyle! “A weekend without a rave is no weekend - If i wake up on a monday and feel fresh, it really feels strange in a way… Not sure if that’s good or bad….But it’s true” Raphael sees DJing as an entertainment. He never was a fan of the “too cool too dance” or “too cool to party” attitudes. He just loves it and that’s what he transports directly to the crowd. His sets are very versatile and he is very much open minded to different genres of electronic music.

Since 2020 he focused on new music and styles. A lot of new stuff is ready to roll out and for 2021 he works on the launch of his own Electro, Ghetto and Breaks label HALBWELT. He will also release his first Album by end of the year 2021.

Apart from all fun and fast life, Raphael is very thankful for the opportunity to do what he does and he mostly takes it very serious. He is a very contemplative and emotional person who needs hia people around and his background.

“My friends and my surrounding giving me the energy. Giving me the feeling that they believe in me and what I do… This is something I really appreciate.”
“I really hope I’m able to do what do for a long time…”

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