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Later this month, the Kosovan based TMM Records reaches a revered landmark that many can only dream of. Ten years of top draw Techno music under it’s belt and championing underground talent, it’s been a stable of creation first and foremost.

In celebration of this will see a twenty track package of all new material from new and returning artists.

A distinct dancefloor sound can be heard in the spine of their extensive back catalogue, where a balance of fun and seriousness which is hard to get right is is delivered time and time again in abundance.

We caught up with label boss Vegim to discuss this milestone…


DTN | TMM Records Celebrates 10 Years


Q&A with Vegim
by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com


> Hi Vegim, thanks for taking the time to chat, can you give us a little introduction to yourself and TMM Records?
I am Vegim and I like to think that I make Techno music, own a label, try to think positive in the most negative way possible and back and I like to watch when somebody fakes himself.

TMMR is my home. I like to release new ideas and new concepts, giving opportunity to new artists but always giving special space to veterans and known artists.

> Reaching a 10 year innings is something to behold I must say. Has your passion for music and releasing music ever wavered? What keeps you going?
My passion for music always waves and it’s a thing that keeps me going. What if every day would be the same day like yesterday with same idea of how techno should sound like. I like to flush that idea from time to time. Techno should sound Techno, and not have any rules or any form of adaptation.

> How does it feel personally for you to have reached this milestone?
In the moment that I feel I reach a milestone, I continue on the next mile. 
I can say I feel pretty good with all the membrane of support around.

> What has been a highlight moment or something you particularly remember as an achievement in the journey so far?
I can undoubtedly say that my partner is one of the main reasons I am where I am. A person needs another person. Just like kick needs a bass.

> Which track from the labels back catalogue follows you everywhere for DJ sets and that you love to play?
There are many, but I would point too…

Trust the Machine - Tiger Blood [TMMR] (2012)


> Which artists are you keeping an eye on at the moment?

The Plant Worker, Joaquin Ruiz, Michel Lauriola, Virulent.

> How far ahead have you planned already? What can we expect this year and beyond? Are there any special plans you are yet to announce?
I like to think that my plans are very clear and farsighted. I think this year I will focus more on my original productions and concepts.

TMMR171 - 10 Years Anniversary

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