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Seance Giveaway

Starting off 2016 in style, our friends at Seance have decided to giveaway a mammoth bag of merchandise to our Death Techno readers. Yes, completely FREE!

The London, UK based radio brand expanded at the end of last year, launching their vinyl and digital record label which has featured fantastic music by Kryss HypnowaveEdit Select, DJ Datch, Alfred Kopke, Subjected, and Spectralband.

Details of the full list of prizes (as pictured) are below along with some audio cuts of the vinyls themselves.


2 x 12″ VINYL Records
1 x PAIR of Seance Turntable Slip Mats
1 x T-SHIRT White with Black Seance Logo (Size will be required from winner)
Seance logo stickers

SEANCE1201 - Kryss Hypnowave - Endosphora EP (incl. Edit Select Remix)

SEANCE1202 - Alfred Kopke - Jack Have A Art EP (incl. Subjected Remix)



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