DEADCERT021 - VA - Priority Mail

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The success of Jack! Who?’s world renowned mix series and website saw the creation of a new project called DEAD CERT. Records.

It is rapidly making a name for itself amongst the Techno elite entering set lists and charts from artists including Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Alan Fitzpatrick, Rebekah and Cari Lekebusch to name but a few.

Releases have featured music from Audio Injection, Hans Bouffmyhre, Heron, Miss Sunshine, Rich Jones, Eomac, XHEI, Lex Gorrie, Chris Page, Mick Finesse, DJ Spider and Joachim Spieth as it goes from strength to strength.

DEADCERT021 - VA - Priority Mail
01. Tortured - Inhale Audio Injection Remix

Its slick ceaseless stomp drives the track allowing the original elements to amalgamate effortlessly. Decidedly flawless!

DEADCERT021 - VA - Priority Mail
02. Remy Kruyer - Into The System Miss Sunshine Remix

Miss Sunshine goes straight to the dancefloor with her take that is buzzing with funk, drive and good old fashioned groove.

DEADCERT021 - VA - Priority Mail
03. Mael - Insulate Rich Jones Remix

Rich flips the original on it’s head for a funked up, tripped out, experimental style, which rolls around the brain with plenty of power behind it for good measure.

DEADCERT021 - VA - Priority Mail
04. Herz Bass - IX12 Hans Bouffmyhre Remix

Hans gives the unorthodox Herz Bass original more of a signature “Sleazey” sound that adds suspense and a sustained driving style.

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