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The well known DJ Emerson takes a step in a new direction with a new Techno label that he co-runs alongside fellow Berliner Holger Nielson, which goes by the name of DISTRICT 4.

Roland Werk is the guy in charge of leading this new adventure with his D401 EP that has picked up support from Doka, Speedy J, Arnaud Le Texier, Paul Ritch, The Advent, Ben Klock, Lee Holman and Slam to name just a few. It’s a clean and simple package containing 4 originals and loaded with concrete stuff.

Starting with the tough edged “Plauze” it’s serious stuff from the beginning. Pounding lows and rhythmic percussion accompany a very subtle synth on the mids, for what I would call a sweet and attack less melody. The ones that put your mind to work.

Switching up style right after we have “Waschbrett” that goes for an electronic feel and dreamy textures. Claps on 2 and 4 make it easy to receive the message, but the beeping melody that resembles some sort of hypnotic alarm, is what keeps it on the darker side of the dancefloor.

Full of groove, “Zwergenwiese” appears as more energetic affair between low toms and a thick kick. Pads at the back of the mix come and go with a dynamic flow, making the melody and tight tops complete this peace and my favorite from the basket.

Closing the show with 909 percussive textures is “Danach” that uses the lead to tell a story by a minimalistic approach. Tight kicks and a classy, looping lead engage you from start to finish. A classy way of saying goodbye and see you soon.

An impressive and slightly left field release, it’s definitely a taste of the great material to come from Roland Werk, as he expands on an emotionally infused style in the near future…

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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