DTN | Amazone Records Celebrates 11 Years


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Enduring a significant lifespan is difficult for any project, at any time. Seeing the fantastic French label Amazone Records reach 11 years young, is something that anyone in the music industry has to admire. Where passion in many cases can become an obsession, it’s hard to stay fresh and always looking forward.

We caught up with the label boss Marco Asoleda to discuss the milestone…


DTN | Amazone Records Celebrates 11 Years


Q&A with Marco Asoleda
by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com


> Hi Marco, can you give us a little introduction to yourself and Amazone?
Hello, I’m Marco Asoleda, French DJ/Producer for around 20 years now. I have also founded Amazone Records in 2004 with D’Jamency, in 2013 we launched Among and Amalgame last year also.

> It can be hard for some people to continue a project for a couple of years, 11 years is extraordinary and has to be commended. Has your passion for music and releasing music ever wavered?
Oh yes sure, I have the same passion now as I did at first now 11 years later. I just sincerely love Techno music and our movement, it’s just what we do. Amazone is simply the reflection about what we love musically.

> How does it feel personally for you to have reached this milestone?
I’m feeling older for one, but I’m really happy about all the people who work with us nowadays. We have made a lot of connections everywhere in the world and receive a lot of good support which is amazing.

I hope we have created an “Amazone Label spirit” and I’m always curious to know how the new generations adopt to our music. Of course I’m very glad that our music lands on the dancefloor for a long time too which is a particular focus.

> What has been a highlight moment or something you particularly remember as an achievement in this journey?
All the time, when you find a musical pearl in your studio, or receiving a demo where it just blows your mind.

> Which track from the back catalogue follows you everywhere for DJ sets that you love to play?
It’s difficult, but I would mention 2 tracks. I think I have played them every time since, love them.

Niereich - Drehmoment (The Welderz Acid Remix) released in 2014.

Marco Asoleda & D’Jamency - Bordeaux Trip (Audio Injection Remix) released in 2011.


> Which artists are you keeping an eye on at the moment?
We have a long list and I work actually with some of them like Flug, The Welderz, Ricardo Garduno, Marla Singer, Bodyscrub to name just a few.

Of course I am always inspired by pioneers like Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Jeff Mills, Ben Sims, Truncate, Drumcell and many others.

> How far ahead have you planned already and what can we expect from Amazone into 2016?
We have already got a full 2016 calendar with some 12″ vinyls and plenty of releases with artists I have mentioned above. There will also be the introduction of some new artists on all the labels… really excited for next year definitely.


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