DT:Premiere | Yan Stricker - Synchronic (Ixel Remix) [!Organism]

DT:Premiere | Yan Stricker - Synchronic (Ixel Remix) [!Organism]

The 89th offering from Swiss based !Organism is delivered by the label boss himself Yan Stricker and goes by the name of Dia/Syn.

For this DT:Premiere we chose the remix from previous DTMIXS13 guest Ixel. Based in Berlin, he has strong ties with Wall Music and also released on the likes of Florian Meindl’s Flash to Frucht. Those that know are aware of his superb productions that always hit the spot.

Synchronic” gets a moody, groove fuelled rework that’s full of fierceness. A spaced out soundscape shapes the surly atmosphere with a looping robotic vocal hook for an extraordinary added edge.

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