DT:Premiere | Hail Blk - Astro Blk [Wunderblock LTD]

DT:Premiere | Hail Blk - Astro Blk [Wunderblock LTD]

Russian imprint Wunderblock have put together their soon to be released fifth vinyl only limited run that has seen EPs from Energun, Mas Teeveh, Synthek and a collab from the label heads with Arcuation.

The original artist is Hail Blk who previously has secured a string of releases on quality labels like Trivmvirate, Joton’s Newrhythmic to Ungar’s NuLabel and many more. Remixes are delivered from Tomohiko Sagae in Japan and Datura Dilema from Iceland.

The DT:Premiere we chose is called “Astro Blk” that has a funked up groove. When the layers roll in to create thick textures, it has a tense feel with an overall raw and crunchy sound. The high flying melody and added deep chords give this floor worker a soul to balance out with the quality and power.

Order the 12″ vinyl at Juno Records / Discogs


WLTD005 - Hail Blk - Hypno Blk

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