DTMIX135 - Viktoria [Berlin, GERMANY]

DTMIX135 - Viktoria [Berlin, GERMANY]


Viktoria has been on our radar for many years through early collaborations with Miss Sunshine (Insolate) in her native Croatia. After moving to Berlin in recent years her productions have landed on labels such as Rebekah’s Decoy Records, LDNwht, Gynoid Audio and Joachim Spieth’s Affin for example. Delving into the depths with this Exclusive mix, you will find everything from moody, stripped back cuts, powerful floor killers and melodic industrial drivers. Featuring a forthcoming track of her own on Modul, there’s works by Luke Slater / Planetary Assault Systems, Edit Select, Shifted, Truncate, Reeko, Tensal, ROD and many more…

Tracklist :

01. PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS : cassette [Ostgut Ton]
02. MARKUS MASUHR : the abnormality of suggestion [Circular Limited]
03. EDIT SELECT : bauer [Ostgut Ton]
04. MODULAR PHAZE : concentration energy fields [ANAØH]
05. SHIFTED : drawn in [Avian]
06. TRUNCATE : wave 1 [Truncate]
07. CØMPASS : above the club [Hate]
08. REBEKAH : the riddle [Soma]
09. FABRIZIO LAPIANA : dfract (Reeko Remix) [Attic Music]
10. AMOTIK : nau [Amotik]
11. VIKTORIA : channel [Modul]
12. VSK : attention [Genesa]
13. ENDLEC : neurofunk [Mord]
14. TENSAL : effect 2 [PoleGroup]
15. ROD : sat [Klockworks]
16. GŁÓS : through limbs & wires [Ravage White Series]

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