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I was delighted to hear Rommek‘s productions and mixes for the first time this holiday season. This is his debut release on Emmanuel‘s quality imprint named A R T S Digital, following previous releases on Weekend Circuit (the excellent ‘Thought Patterns’ 12″), Sonntag Morgen and Labrynth. He also broadcasts a new fortnightly show called “Erosion” on the well respected UK online channel Seance Radio.

The title track “1 View, 100 Versions” builds an eerie and menacing soundscape based around a half-note metallic tapping, half heard rattles and a repeated, delayed note that develops beautifully to the first drop. As it does so, the constant, rolling bass note opens up like a veil being lifted to introduce the main body of the track - subtle and powerful. Echoing stabs and the understated but foreground hihats are punctuated by some filtered cymbal hits and make this a fine piece of pacy, rolling techno.

Occult” contains some serious power and menace. A sibilant, open hi-hat sets the tone and a chattering counterpart marches out time to the bleeps, which cycle and vary oh so subtlely. The track gives the impression of travelling an ever decreasing circle to some unknown destination, and then suddenly an absolutely evil bassline creeps its way to the fore from the shadows. It sounds like a burbling hole in the universe and is masterfully built, receding back as the track continues but you know it’s there in the shadows still as the track fades in and out of echoing bleeps and industrial tweaks.

On the (virtual) flip side, “Rigor Mortis” is aptly titled. Rigid, accurate kicks and dominate from the fore but the true star of this track is the skittering, slightly schizophrenic percussion that pans around your head while the bassline and melody build. The track breaks clinically to a clean main section. A single high piano note like a water drop keeps time at the back while the melody reveals itself to be a simple yet euphoric note progression. This is perfect for late night, peak time dancefloors.

The release ends with “Statik” - the fastest paced one of the lot, but interestingly feels the most thoughtful too. Disorientating, 3/4 notes and static loops contrast with the pummeling 4/4 drums and keeps your head switching time signatures. I love it when a tune does that. The break reveals a hyperspeed, chugging bass which drops off as the loops filter out, then kicks back in for the main section. This starts stripped back and then gradually reintroduces the previous elements and adds a few more - for example a repeating, drawn out note that dopplers out beautifully. This is my pick of the release for its sheer interest.

1 View, 100 Versions is available exclusively by A R T S on Beatport only. You should definitely watch out for more from this man in 2015. I know I will.

- Reviewed by Filip Zwirek for deathtechno.com

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