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Pushing boundaries in music is really important and that can be said for any genre are you listening to or producing. It is about a certain feel, knowledge and rhythmicality. DEAD CERT. Records certainly knows how to find the right producers for the job; producers that know what make you tick, grasping the concept of “good music.” Recently I had the privilege to listen to their newest release entitled Black Mail IV which appears to be a strong focus of the label. It is an ongoing mixed artist series, showcasing a hand picked range of high quality tracks, each different from the last and sharing techno in its various forms to a wider audience.

Callum Plant & Carlo Ribeiro from Manchester are bringing a fairly stripped back approach on the opener, but still creating a wicked driving sound on their offering called “Demand.” You know the expression less is more? Yep, they have it sussed. I was so surprised at the attention to detail here, that proves more important than just pompous layering. Listen out for those deep and dark atmospherics which are sure to be powerful on a crowded dancefloor.

Berlin’s Mono.xID appears with a track named “Marodeur” and you have no idea how many times this track was on repeat on my player! Imagine that you are outside, dark stormy clouds are coming and you are not prepared for it, you have to run or embrace it cause the darkness is near but you don’t know from where… that’s how I would describe this track. This is my personal favourite from the EP, the element of suspense and stomping kick is perfect, together with an amazing sharp sound that attacks your ears and the use of delay is absolutely briliant! I strongly recommend to check it out, because Marodeur is a pure essence of darkness.

Then we have something totally unexpected, a very unusual kick and rhythm, you’ve simply never heard something like this before. The track is called “Chubut” where the artist Szeb lives in Argentina. If I was to describe this track in one word, I think I would have use the word “strange.” Which is by no means in a bad sense, it is strange because you are not familiar with this type of sound and in the near future you should be, because he will provide you only interesting and innovative material going by this track alone.

Now it’s time for a rather windy and ambient work by Wurtz with a track called “Great Moment” who puts Italy on the map this time. It reminds me of old detroit techno tracks, with a dark feel to it, but somewhat soothing and calming to your senses. I can really hear this track being played at dawn when the party is coming to a close and sealing the occasion. Wurtz has really impressed me here, by showing me that techno is not only about darkness and stomping kick, but also translating an atmosphere.

My final verdict for Black Mail IV… Definitely check it out. Why? Well, because some of these works are suited even for listening at home as well as tearing club system apart, others providing darkness that will make you instantly want to move. Which one you choose depends only on your tastes and your mood, but for sure you will find what you’re looking for in the newest addition to the diverse Black Mail series.

- Reviewed by Filip Zwirek for deathtechno.com

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