Diarmaid O’Meara

Diarmaid O’Meara

Photo: Skye Sobejko

Berlin based Irish artist, deep into intense but soulful, atmospheric but industrial, heavy but spaced techno. Specialised in intense two and three turntable DJ sets.

One of Ireland’s most notable international techno acts, Diarmaid O’Meara has been pushing his brand of intense, and driving techno throughout European clubs and radio shows since appearing vividly on the scene in 2010. Known for skilful and energetic DJ sets and steady releases across the genres top labels, including his own Gobsmacked brand, Diarmaid has been a steady fixture in the European circuit for years playing alongside countless heros from A.Paul to Sunil Sharpe, and Dave Clarke to DJ Rush. His style of techno production is consistently lauded by the greats and charted on the download stores, while his Audio Affair Broadcast show showcases the best underground noise and upcoming artists biweekly.

Receiving numerous impressive acclamations, including being lauded as ‘One to Watch’ by M8 Magazine, ‘One of Techno’s brightest new stars’ by Tillate Magazine, and releasing Dave Clarke’s No.1 track of 2010, Diarmaid has also featured in a myriad of music publications including Faze, Notion, Tilllate, CORE, DJ Mag and iDJ, Connected, alongside multiple radio and music tv shows. This tribute to his endless production and release of dark, twisted, and big room techno, and uniquely entertaining style of techno mash up sets, has placed Diarmaid up there with his peers as one of the best in his field to emerge in recent years.

His almost constant airplay across UK and European radio stations include regular features on BBC Radio 1, White Noise, 2FM, ATL Dance Show, Absolute Technoise, RTE Radio, KISS FM, NRJ Radio, DI – FM and XFM UK. Guest mixes and exclusive broadcasted sessions for dozens of high profile series include Dave Clarke’s White Noise, Clash Music Magazine’s Series, Dr Hoffmanns Blindspot, Rolf Mulders ‘A Public Stand’, Mastertraxx Podcast, Naked Lunch Cast, BBC ATL etc. Not to mention the intense mixing style he brings to clubs and radio shows across Europe, where regular live dates include a blast of the best clubs in countless European cities, also with regular appearances in his current stomping ground of Berlin. This comes alongside his Audio Affair series (Formerly Gobsmacked Sessions) which is pushing the sounds of artists big and small since mid 2010 through countless global radio/digital stations.

As one of the Ireland’s busier electronic music producers and performers, now resettled in Berlin. His collaborations and remixes to date include work with: A.Paul, Robert Armani, Mike Humphries, Space DJz, Patrick DSP, Spiros Kaloumenos, AnGy KoRe, Niereich, GO!DIVA, Ortin Cam, Sebastian Groth etc and on labels including Gobsmacked, Potential, Mastertraxx, Nachtstrom, Starkstrom, Naked Lunch, Driving Forces, Slap Jaxx etc. His album “Structured Noise” was nominated for Best Album and his label Gobsmacked for Best Label multiple times in the Irish Dance Music Awards.

Constantly following on these successes with a broad spectrum of projects on the horizon, numerous and continuous upcoming releases across some of the genre’s finest labels, not to mention his own Gobsmacked label, which has recently celebrated its 170th release… Diarmaid’s name will keep appearing regularly in the statutes of techno as he pushes the boundaries of electronic noise and ingenuity in the production and performance of electronic music.

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