DT:Premiere | Dirty Basscore - 0815 (Klaudia Gawlas Repaint) [Credo] (incl. Q&A)

The Munich based label CREDO, is known for consistently great releases, ran by Alex Bau it’s easy to see why it remains on top with appearances from The Advent, Yan Cook, Subjected, Chris Liebing and a host more.

Dirty Basscore usually reserves his gritty analogue/live sound on his own self titled label, but after a couple of appearances on Credo previously, this time drops his first EP called “0815” that features a rework from fellow German Klaudia Gawlas.

Klaudia’s DT:Premiere is a driving powerhouse made to rip a dancefloor apart. Super crunchy in all aspects, the distortion is a refreshing twist as it rolls on with a tender and haunting atmosphere, a huge one here for sure.

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Q&A with Dirty Basscore

> 01. What was the thinking behind this EP and did you achieve what you set out?
The idea behind this EP on Credo was to show some different aspects of my musical spectrum. I know that my tracks are kind of sick and hard to play for some DJ’s, so I wanted to show some tracks that are still “Basscore” but more floor and DJ set orientated, to avoid bringing a set out of the flow and make it a bit more clear and simple.

> 02. What tips and advice can you share to any producers on shaping their own sound?
Actually I can create a theme out of any sounds in the studio, not a problem at all. You can do that with every kind of sound, you just have to try and have fun in the studio with experimenting on sounds. The main thing then is to find different sounds fitting together. I always use EQ’ing a lot for this, you have to kill all painful noises and frequencies and finally to decide what to go for. Shall the kick be the main focus or the bassline or whatever… you need to create an atmosphere and you can even do that by working with different volume-levels only. I’m not a fan of those super clean, high-end pop-like productions. A track needs to become alive!

> 03. What is your go to track at the moment by another artist?
Hmmm, due to the fact I am not a DJ I’m not so much into single tracks, but I like the work of lots of artists… guys like Black Asteroid, Johannes Heil, Alex Bau, T. Raumschmiere, Surgeon, Blawan… but I also like listening to Punk or even Rockabilly music. As you can see, I am very open-minded. I am very interested in how artists use their kind of gear and what they do with it.

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