DTR | Johannes Heil - The Black Light - EXILELP01

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DTR | Johannes Heil - The Black Light - EXILELP01
EXILE. is the new label project from German artist Johannes Heil who lists Heiko Laux’s Kanzleramt, Sven Väth’s Cocoon and Len Faki’s Figure as his main musical outlets. If you listen to his body of work it can be anywhere from ambient soundscapes to obscure breaks to stripped back raw looping techno, showing that he has no boundaries and simply creating is always at the forefront of the task at hand.

His latest album The Black Light goes firmly down a Techno route and for me is absolutely essential listening. A few experimental tracks that intrigue the ears are complimented by the main body of a complete package, where it’s near impossible to pick out favourites from such a strong collection.

Resembling something from Lakker earlier this year, “Scene Two” weighs in with atmosphere and a breathing, broken beat, showing he is capable of executing a different flavour.

Scene Three” pulls out a punchy, clean bottom end with some delayed stabs and haunting chords that slowly morphs into a euphoric dimension.

Track six or “Scene Six” is a jumping, jackin’ number and the only offering with a vocal which reveals the album title. Full of filtered, modular riffs and blips, this is a high energy no nonsense, floor jam.

Adding a captivating dark feel is “Scene Seven” with a heavy set, chunky beat, perfect for those who like a more aggressive angle.

A sense of freedom comes across when you check out the album top to bottom, where each piece must be meticulously planned and tweaked, they just all work effortlessly well, as if recorded in one take. Snapshot ideas that have been carefully crafted to a highly distinguished result.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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