DT:Premiere | HLX-1 - Curious City [Seclusion]

DT:Premiere | HLX-1 - Curious City [Seclusion]

A new label is born from France called Seclusion by owners Damien Lapéna and Anouar Hemissi who also appear on the first release as the remix artist 13130 Space Project alongside DTFA founder Mark Flash who has released on the legendary UR - Underground Resistance and EPM Music amongst others.

The two original works are supplied by Detroit-based pairing HLX-1 also known as Mr. Hooper and The AM. Kenny Clements is known for his live sets with Scan 7 and releases on Kevin Saunderson’s KMS, while Ann-Marie Teasley is a classical violinist and radio guest with NTS and Rinse, now they are both in Detroit and regularly collaborating under the new guise.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the second track “Curious City” that has a rolling feel and a timeless vibe. Using a stripped back style and electro-influenced, breathy sweeps that add the finishing touches to its straight rhythm, the break adds a looming mystery to this functional juggernaut that every DJ needs.

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SECLUSION001 - HLX-1 - Come To Me

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