DT:Premiere | XHEI - Maniaco [Micro.fon]

Having strong links to CLR and Electric Deluxe, DJ Emerson and his own Berlin based label has been dealing with quality outputs since 2005, featuring many of the biggest artists out there. It’s to no surprise that a decade later Micro.fon is still pushing forward thinking sounds by new and established artists.

XHEI is a key Argentinian producer, having a hand in one of the most respected club brands in Buenos Aires called Under Club and delivering many of the world’s Techno elite to the locals. Not only has he played with the likes of Jeff Mills and Juan Atkins, his productions are made for dancefloors and he’s already chalking up an impressive back catalogue of labels.

For today’s DT:Premiere we selected “Maniaco” which has deeper elements complimented by his usual punchy grooves. The highlights come from rising synth drones to rolling stabs that induce energy and emotion in the same instance.

Pre-Order the split vinyl with Flug at Juno Records

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