DTR | Volster - Nihilist - OOP-001

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DTR | Volster - Nihilist - OOP-001

After following and supporting the production projects of Insolate and Volster for many years now, it’s an absolute pleasure to finally get my hands on the launch EP from their new vinyl only label that goes by the name Out Of Place.

A tough and gritty title opener from the Croatian, who can already list Mosca, Ben Sims and DJ Rolando as fans. “Nihilist” spins a hypnotic web with some serious attitude. A killer combination of a subtle rolling bass line and heavy reverb create a cavernous sound. Morphing crackles and deep layers, give it a very rich and club fuelled sound.

Submissive” instantly has a more stripped back and clean sound, that works a beautifully EQ’d kick and funky, shuffling rhythm. A jackin’ beat and salient melody is a mixture of fun and seriousness in one, where the seemingly panning gothic chords create unstoppable crescendos that weave in and out of prominence.

Track three “Overwhelming Thoughts” has a driving beat that neatly slips away under the harmonic and dreamy atmosphere. Haunting, disco inspired plucks and stunning delayed bells create an ethereal mood, which develops with stretched hats and long sweeps that evoke some sincere and euphoric feelings.

The last offering and a complete switch up in style, “Departure” rocks a cool 808 broken beat with a strong Electro influence. Transporting my thoughts to the scene of a busy and congested airport, which given the name, must be intentional. Tension rises with some piercing lead chords which really get to breathe at the break, this track is a welcomed surprise.

Volster is solidifying his status once again and those who know his work will see this as another high quality addition to his sparse but outstanding catalogue.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

OOP-001 - A

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