DTMIX171 - Johannes Volk [Giessen, GERMANY]

DTMIX171 - Johannes Volk [Giessen, GERMANY]



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We welcome the outstanding Johannes Volk to the mix vault this week, who to many will not need an introduction. An artist that once you hear his productions, you will instantly fall in love with. Classy, quirky, melodic and abstract, his sounds are his own and this noted originality has included releasing on labels such as Sven Väth’s Cocoon, Kr!z’s Token, Jeff Mills’ Axis amongst others. This exclusive mix is a testament to his hypnotic and avant-garde interests, but with an eye on the dance floor at all times, there’s an old school twist for good measure. Tracks included are from STERAC, TWR72, Pacou, Paul Mac, Jonas Kopp, Alexander Kowalski and many more…

Tracklist :

01. SOCIETY OF SILENCE : mondo futuro [Society Of Silence]
02. ECHELON : 002 B1 [ECHELON]
03. SERENA BUTLER : to tilt the fulcrum [AWRY]
04. KAISER : parachute [made of CONCRETE]
05. ALFREDO MAZZILLI : tesla [Planet Rhythm]
06. INGO BOSS : trak-mode [PV]
07. AVISION : over time [MATTER+]
08. FRANK HUNTER : the street [Mono]
09. CHARLES GREEN : km60 [Revenge Techniques]
10. STERAC : one with hats [Tresor]
11. TWR72 : smoldering brown [Float]
12. JOHANNES VOLK : they never returned [Artcub]
13. MANUEL DI MARTINO : somebody, anybody (Pacou Remix) [Persistence]
14. PAUL MAC & FBK : the feeling of realism [suspected]
15. JONAS KOPP : balance [TREMSIX]
16. JOHANNES VOLK : insert [DISTRICT 66]
17. ALEXANDER KOWALSKI : trust in the true spirit [Mord]
18. JEFF MILLS : late night [Tresor]
19. MARCO BRUNO : anima [made of CONCRETE]

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