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Relocating to Barcelona has seen somewhat of a seismic shift for Shlomi Aber who was born and raised in Israel originally. A move that has brought his sound to new heights in the underground, sorting a focus of stripped back excellence, utilising a raw, analogue edge, that borders on experimental at times, but always with club use at the forefront.

Putting together the 10 Year compilation for his own Be As One imprint must have been a labour of love, as he calls upon top producers to celebrate the decade anniversary. There’s exclusive new music contributions from the label boss himself alongside the likes of JAM., Truncate, Skudge, Savas Pascalidis, Markus Suckut, Eduardo De La Calle, Yotam Avni and ORBE.

Quite the mix of inspirational cats, it involves a choice variety of Techno shades, including driving to mellow acid, atmospheric funk, to tough and dubbed out hypnosis, which conveys a true sense of pride that many labels aspire to achieve but can’t always deliver, unlike BAO10Y that will hook your intrigue and satisfy it instantly.

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We spoke with the main man to find out more behind the momentous new compilation…


Q&A with Shlomi Aber
by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

DTN | Be As One Celebrates 10 Years

> Hi Shlomi, thanks for chatting with us and congrats on the milestone! Can you give us a little introduction to yourself and Be As One?
Thank you Iain for having me over, indeed we reached a milestone of 10 years here at Be As One, and we are pretty excited about it. It has been a pretty intense ride for us and we are more motivated than ever, especially with all the projects lined up for the celebration.

Personally I grew up and was raised in Israel, but I’m based in Barcelona at the moment, where Nick the label manager and most of our team is based these days. It’s always been about doing it for the music, we hit many walls during the past 10 years to stay true to the core idea of the label.

> Reaching a 10 year anniversary is something to be very proud of. Has your passion for music and releasing music ever wavered? What keeps you going?
Once every few years I have those moments when nothing excites me anymore, then it appears again shortly after, there is always something out there to intrigue me. I think the main idea is to stay open minded musically, as if you don’t develop you die… I have never lost the passion for music, that was my roadmap since I was 12 years old.

> How does it feel personally for you to have reached this milestone?
Honestly, I doesn’t feel like it’s already ten years. Time has past so fast and we are still highly motivated here, the team feels in top form like if it is a new, exciting project, but I do acknowledge that it has been done with hard work, especially the constant reach to stay relevant after so many years.

> What has been a highlight moment or something you particularly remember as an achievement in the journey so far?
The funny thing is that every new moment feels like a new highlight, we have been through so many moments that in a way we’ve seen it all, but every new thing makes us feel like it’s our best moment.

We have been doing our “10 Years” celebration showcase tour, between 10 main cities such as Stuttgart, London, Berlin, Basel, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan and more… in that regard, 2017 seems to be long and constantly exciting.

> Which track from the labels back catalogue follows you everywhere for DJ sets and that you love to play?
Personally, I’m not playing the back catalogue that much, there is so much great new music these days that even when I’m playing in my all night long concept, I can’t seem to reach the back catalogue.

I play so many tracks before they are released that at some point by the time they are out I’m already onto the forthcoming stuff again.

Some old greats to mention however include my version of “Sketches” with Kenny Larkin, and Sterac aka Steve Rachmad remix of Benny Rodrigues “I Like Acid” will forever remain classic in our catalogue.

Shlomi Aber & Kenny Larkin - Sketches (Shlomi Aber Version) [Be As One] (2010)

Benny Rodrigues - I Like Acid (Sterac aka Steve Rachmad Remix) [Be As One] (2011)


> Which artists are you keeping an eye on at the moment?
We are lucky enough to have a few new and exclusive talents on the label at the moment, artists such as the Italy based JAM. or Valent. from Germany are on a great roll. Also the Spanish based ORBE and Lincan Ray who will be featured in our next releases are exceptional producers.

I like to keep the label balanced with the new talents alongside established artists as Markus Suckut, Skudge, Truncate, Sterac, Savas Pascalidis and more…

> How far ahead have you planned already? What can we expect this year and beyond? Are there any special plans you are yet to announce?
The 10 years release is finally out now, with new music from all the above mentioned artists and more, it’s a two part vinyl LP with many of the label friends and producers I love and respect.

2017 is rounding off nicely, but there is another exciting announcement coming up very soon!

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