DTMIX072 - Felix Lorusso [Hamburg, GERMANY]

DTMIX072 - Felix Lorusso [Hamburg, GERMANY]



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Owner of Cirque du Minimaliste and sub label Manege, that continue to put out brilliant music since 2010 by artists like The Noisemaker, Daegon, Maksim Dark, Memnok, Tiari, Mekas, Toollbox, Viktoria Rebeka and more. As a producer himself, Felix has released with influential labels like Frucht, Divided, Der Hut, PlusEins, Blank Code, Genesa, Hidden Recordings to name a few. He has delivered an outstanding Exclusive mix full of quality techno artists from start to finish with a deep and hypnotic vibe that rolls around into different styles with utter ease…

Tracklist :

01. FUNCTION : gradient i [Ostgut Ton]
02. THE NOISEMAKER : xxx [Unreleased]
03. TRUNCATE : is it skinny [Mote Evolver]
04. OSCAR MULERO : rotula [Modularz]
05. ELECTROMCFLY : vomito negro [Cirque du Minimaliste]
06. URBANO : monomere [Dynamic Reflection]
07. PSYK : arcade [Mote Evolver]
08. PSYK : surface [Mote Evolver]
09. 3PHAZEGENERATOR : black lilac (Audio Injection Remix) [Freitag Limited]
10. MEKAS : pervert disco [Wall Music LTD]
11. FELIX LORUSSO : obey (A. Trebor Remix) [Cirque du Minimaliste]
12. LUCY : beautiful people [Mote Evolver]
13. SHIFTED : relict [Mote Evolver]
14. FELIX LORUSSO : no border (Couch Lock Remix) [Hidden]
15. STRUCK : far [Kaputt]
16. STEVIE WILSON : broken soul [iDark]
17. MUTED.01 (aka Felix Lorusso) : unnamed [Unreleased]
18. FLEX : sl1 [TMM Records]
19. COSMIN TRG : form over function [50 Weapons]
20. TWIST3D : hush [Naked Lunch]
21. BEN KLOCK : subzero [Ostgut Ton]
22. BRIAN SANHAJI & DRUMCELL : structure [CLR]
23. DEVELOPER : drive themes [Mote Evolver]
24. FUNCTION : incubation (ritual) [Ostgut Ton]

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