DT:Feature | Makaton


DT:Feature | Makaton

English Techno tyrant Makaton who heads up the fantastic Rodz-Konez label, which has featured the likes of Regis, Inigo Kennedy, Go Hiyama, Casual Violence and many more. After releasing tracks for over 15 years, he continues to be one to watch with outstanding releases on Token, creating surprising and exciting works that never get stale and always interesting.

On this rare occasion we got to run “The 10 Commandments” by the aloof artist following his new vinyl release out now on James Ruskin’s legendary Blueprint Records, with the digital version available Monday 16 November 2015.

> 01. Which artists and genres inspired you to start producing music?
Suicide, Frank Tovey, Glenn Branca, Coil, Black Sabbath, Flood, Butch Vig

> 02. What production hardware or software would you never give up?
EMS Synthi

> 03. Which track from your own back catalogue is a staple in your DJ/Live sets?
Le Tenia” (2006)


> 04. What aspect do you enjoy the most from working in music?
Studio time and playing live, creating new sounds from thin air.

> 05. What would you change or improve about the music industry and/or club culture?
No dress code. No cameras. No lights and Rave on.

> 06. What’s your passion outside of making music?
Staying low key and out of sight of the general populace.

> 07. Where has been your most enjoyable gig to date?
Silence Night… Katowice in Poland.

> 08. Which track by another artist has really caught your attention recently?
Chris Goudreau - “Odd Monsters” [Kitty Play] (2015)


> 09. Which artists do you keep a close eye on and rate highly for the future?
I focus on myself and don’t pay attention to what anyone else is doing.

> 10. What forthcoming projects or releases are we yet to see?
Some stuff for Blueprint, Rodz-Konez, Token etc.

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