Makaton aka Steve Bailey has ran the legendary Rodz-Konez label since 1999, which has been a force in the truly darker and more experimental Techno. It has released sinister creations from the likes of; Regis, Inigo Kennedy, The 65D Mavericks, Female and Max Duley.

Makaton’s own productions have never failed to break new barriers. His own productions and remixes have been released on the likes of Token, James Ruskin’s Blueprint, Emergence and more, where Rodz-Konez has been serving as the sole outlet for his one-of-a-kind sound.

Although his music can generally be described as dark and industrial there’s a lot of variety and progression to be heard throughout his releases as it’s all about pushing foward for the man. Having no interest in DJing Makaton is known for his expressive live sets with a heavy peak hour dancefloor appeal.

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