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DT:Feature | Alex Bau

This is the new DT:Feature series that focuses on the artists impacting and contributing to Techno culture. Going under the title of “The 10 Commandments” we ask questions to gain an insight into the history and inspirations that make them tick and do what they do so well.

We begin with none other than Credo label boss Alex Bau also known as “The Bavarian Techno Machine” who brings firepower and versatility to his productions and DJ sets so we wanted to find out a little more…
> 01. What inspired you to start producing music in the beginning?
After years of playing Techno records I started to become curious about how to produce this music I play all the time, so I began to sit down in the studio of a friend of mine (Sven Dedek) back in the mid 90’s and soon got into production.

> 02. Which artists or genres influenced your sound?
It’s hard for me to say… my music sounds simply like I want it to sound. I’m told very often that my music has a kind of dark approach and when I look back on my musical education with lots of synthpop, wave and partly gothic back in the late 80’s to early 90’s it makes total sense to me.

> 03. What piece of production hardware or software would you never give up?
Very simple : Logic 5.5.1.

> 04. What is your favourite track from your own back catalogue and why?
Puhh… really a difficult question, never thought about that. To stay with the more recent stuff I think it’s a track from my recent album Musick. My most played track of the album was “Back To Space,” which was played also by Sven Väth frequently and many others, my personal highlight on the album is “Pulse.” I’m still amazed how only a few elements can create such an intense atmosphere and vibe.

> 05. What moment would you describe as the highlight of your music career so far?
I can still remember the minute when I first managed to beatmatch two records with each other way back in the very early 90’s. This was a magical moment. It felt like I was ready now and that nothing could ever stop me. I was somehow now part of the real DJ’s and not only somebody who tried to play records. It was a small step for mankind, but a giant leap for me personally ;-)

> 06. What would you change or improve about the music industry and/or club culture?
Prohibition of smartphones and facebook / twitter status updates in clubs and at parties. On the industry itself, I think more and more that the when we all played vinyl only, it was certainly not the worst times we had…

> 07. What goals have you set for yourself in the near future or have yet to achieve?
I definitely want to push the label nights of my label Credo. There are so many cool new releases coming up early next year, mainly from kind of rather unknown, underground or new artists and I would love to have them playing with me wherever possible in order to present their amazing sounds to a larger audience and in the right club context.

> 08. Where has been your most enjoyable gig to date?
Really sorry, but this is definitely something I can not answer clearly. There are (luckily) too many good gigs all the time and only a few ones which are not that big. Every gig is special and unique, it would be like comparing an apple with a banana.

> 09. Which artists do you keep a close eye on and rate highly for the future?
Of course mainly the artists on Credo, like Dirty Basscore, Thope, Mikael Jonasson or Ralph Mirto.

> 10. What forthcoming projects or releases are we yet to see?
I’m just about to finish some new tracks for Cocoon to follow up my last EP there with the “On Synth” track which is finally now also featured on Sven’s annual “Sound of The 16th Season” mix CD. Definitely great new stuff for Credo to come as well and playing gigs keeps me busy all year too, except in January where I will take a break like I do every year.

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