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Ostgut Ton, the well known Techno label owned by Berghain club just released another sonic bomb from their Berlin resident Max Kobosil, best known as Kobosil. His catalogue already includes labels like Marcel Dettmann Records, Unterton and what seems to be his own project called RK. This is his debut with the hailed Techno institution and more quality hypnotic music that always surprises.

O-TON91 is a four piece puzzle, starting with “Avernan” made of a hook based on a gritty analogue bass and kick affair. Some piercing synth screeches, make its pounding beat a fantastic starting point for this journey.

Athtar” is more of a downbeat interlude, a synthetic mattress of pads and reverberant vocal effects, guided by panned percussion sounds its excellent for those who like to create deep atmospheres when introducing a set and mess with peoples minds.

Konvergent” brings back the groove with an imminent simplicity. Bouncy kick and loud claps are sufficient to accompany the main theme which is a contracting and expanding bass synth. An airy resemblance of a train in motion provides an intriguing backdrop too, adding the intrigue factor to this tune.

This is a perfect example when talking about great finale, “Per” has a more adventurous feel, with a grainy bass melody, interesting structure and moments full on power. It pushes forward nicely from a throbbing bass line rounding off the EP in some style.

Kobosil is making his way up with solid releases on very important labels and I admire his unique way of composing the final product.

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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