DT:Premiere | Lee Holman - Last Man On Earth [Raw Waxes]

DT:Premiere | Lee Holman - Last Man On Earth [Raw Waxes]

Raw Waxes from Italy has already featured music by a list of top class artists from Perc, Mike Parker, Inigo Kennedy and Orphx to name a few. Ran by Haiku, the sixth release is another vinyl only special that is sure to impress.

Also contributing to the fold is artist Benedikt Rugar, a German illustrator known for having collaborated with dance music institutions as Berghain, Moderat, Groove, Cocktail d’Amore.

Irishman Lee Holman has just launched his own label project known as |DE|MAR|CATION| and here makes his debut on Raw Waxes with a four track EP called One Man Army that covers a great array of styles with a distinct live feel.

The DT:Premiere we selected the track called “Last Man On Earth” that won us over with its abstract qualities. A winning combination of an uncompromising rhythm, malfunctioning bleeps and blitzing hi-hats, all seem to appear as the back drop to dreamy chord drones filled with a constant underlying emotion.

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RWXS06 - Lee Holman - One Man Army - Vinyl

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