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DT:Feature | Flug

Argentinian born Flug has been rising to the top echelon of the Techno league tables since around 2007. Now based in Barcelona, Sebastián’s superb releases on the likes of Chris Liebing’s CLR, Hans Bouffmyhre’s Sleaze and Dustin Zahn’s Enemy Records have lead to a solid reputation of delivering stand out work at all times. His trademark tough grooves with a distinct club aesthetic are in high demand as he manages to consistently remain one to watch with cutting edge and engaging tracks.

Having just released his debut artist album In Safe Hiding on the top quality German label Nachtstrom Schallplatten, we were excited to have him share his thoughts on the latest DT:Feature…

> 01. Which artists and genres inspired you to start producing music?
The artist that inspired me the most is my brother. He was one of the most important Techno artists from Argentina in the 90’s. He introduced me to Techno music at a very young age. I was particularly influenced by music from Detroit & Chicago and by artists like Robert Armani, Green Velvet, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, Steve Stoll. But I was also heavily inspired by European artists like Emmanuel Top, Brixton, Aphex Twin, Surgeon, James Ruskin to name a few. The list is infinite…

> 02. What production hardware or software do you get the best results from and what does it bring to your work?
I used to work a lot with VST’s but in the last year or so I bought lot of hardware. I love to mix analog machines and digital software. I think the result is the same but when working with hardware, the feeling I get is totally different. It is a unique and very inspirational feeling. I especially use these 2 machines a lot: Omnisphere is a really amazing Roompler from Spectrasonic and my beloved Elektron can’t be missing as well.

> 03. Which tracks from your own back catalogue are a staple in your DJ/Live sets?
“Analogical” released on Enemy Records 3 years ago.

Analogical” [Enemy Records] (2013)


> 04. What aspect do you enjoy the most from working in music?
Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I can’t say it better.

> 05. What would you change or improve about the music industry and/or club culture?
This “business” would work much better without people’s ego and the usual human hypocrisy. I would like the industry to change some radical and elitist politics which, in my opinion, make no sense in the music world.

> 06. What’s your passion outside of making music?
I really like to cook, watch football, drink wine and of course enjoy time with family and friends.

> 07. Where has been one of your most enjoyable gigs to date and what made it so special?
I can’t mention only one, so I chose my 3 favourites: I have to mention Jaded at Corsica Studios in London, it was something else. The Funktion One sound system there is amazing and it makes mixing tracks all the more fun!

I really love to play at Insert Club in Barcelona. This club is special for me because I’m part of the team and all my friends are always there dancing until the end.

Last but not least I have to mention Buenos Aires of course. It’s always great at every event I play there. The crowd is so warm, enthusiastic and totally into the music.

> 08. Which track by another artist has really caught your attention recently?
You can find so many talented artists around the techno scene right now. It’s hard to choose only one of them.
But I think TWR72 it’s doing a really great job: solid, mental and banger tracks, all in one.

TWR72 - Response [Float Records] (2015)


> 09. Which artists do you keep a close eye on and rate highly for the future?
People used to ask me this question frequently and I always gave the same answer: it will be a pity to answer with only one name. There are so many new talented Techno producers in this business that I don’t even know many of them yet, but SNTS is an artist that I appreciate very much.

> 10. What forthcoming projects or releases are we yet to see?
Of course my new album In Safe Hiding is in the pipeline. I’m also creating my own imprint, which will see the light of day soon. I have confirmed my participation on a V/A EP called “Transmission” on Soma. And for the first time in my career, I’m working on a live-show.

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