Born in eastern Poland, Rraph treads the dark, deep soundscapes of techno.

Since his debut release in 2013 on Translucent, he has counted many others on the likes of Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Counter Pulse, Subraum and of course his base, Gynoid Audio. Associated with the project since its launch, Rraph contributes as an A&R and also immensely as an artist, signing acclaimed work such as the Eseries EP which includes a Kwartz Remix or the Syndykat EP. He has also been prolific in providing remixes as well as tracks for various compilations.

During the past years Rraph has performed both live and as a DJ in renowned clubs around Europe such as Tresor and Arena in Berlin, Corsica Studios in London or Le Batofar in Paris.

Since 2015 Rraph has been a member of Warsaw-based “Behind the Stage” collective and is also a co-creator of träume, an event series taking place in his hometown of Lublin.

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