DTMIX077 - Rich Jones | Operator [Portsmouth, ENGLAND]

DTMIX077 - Rich Jones | Operator [Portsmouth, ENGLAND]



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Gnosis Records owner, Rich Jones (aka Operator) has been creating techno for over 10 years now, slowly building a solid reputation for floor-destroying hypnotic techno tools. Releases on Alan Fitzpatrick’s 8 Sided Dice, Richie Hawtin’s Minus and Slam’s Soma Records imprint helped to widen exposure to his trademark hypnotic, percussive style over the years and he has gone onto become a well known production name in the world of Techno. More recently, a move into deeper territory as Operator saw the launch of his own label Gnosis, and his tracks landing on Bas Mooy’s legendary imprint Audio Assault.

Rich continues to evolve his deep, yet tough, hypnotic sound, and we can look forward to more releases from him on Gnosis, Audio Assault, Soma and other select imprints in the future. He was invited recently to Remix Mael : Insulate on Death Techno’s DEAD CERT. Records which has been included in this Exclusive studio mix for a first preview. The mix (like his DJ style) is relentless, textured, quickly evolving, hypnotic and features plenty of unreleased tracks by himself, along with works from Marcel Dettmann, ROD, Sleeparchive, Exium, Yuuki Sakai, Spherical Coordinates, Lucy and Shifted…

Tracklist :

01. RICH JONES : mobius trip [Unreleased]
02. MARCEL DETTMANN : soar [Ostgut Ton]
03. SUB SPACE : sixteen (locked groove 16) [Minimalizm]
04. OPERATOR : calyx [Gnosis]
05. DIEGO & VOCO DERMAN : imbalanced [Kanzleramt]
06. ROD : hux [Klockworks]
07. SLEEPARCHIVE : 6 [Tresor]
08. OPERATOR : born into bondage [Gnosis]
09. W.I.R.E. : word [Mord]
10. EXIUM : wolf-rayet [Nheoma]
11. SLEEPARCHIVE : 7 [Tresor]
12. OPERATOR : forward flow [Gnosis]
13. YUUKI SAKAI : cigarette [Warm Up]
14. OPERATOR : paradigm shifter 1 [Gnosis]
15. SPHERICAL COORDINATES : scfls-17 [Token]
16. THE ADVENT : sketcherz main [Tresor]
17. SLEEPARCHIVE : 5 [Tresor]
18. LUCY : 201 phasing [CLR]
19. MAEL : insulate (Rich Jones Remix) [DEAD CERT. Records]
20. YUUKI SAKAI : cigarette (Edit) [Unreleased]
21. OPERATOR : middle ground [Gnosis]
22. SHIFTED : wash over me [Bed Of Nails]

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