DTMIX043 - Positive Merge [Odessa, UKRAINE]

DTMIX043 - Positive Merge [Odessa, UKRAINE]

Andrey returns for a second Exclusive with another bomb set. Containing an original and remix from himself along with tracks by heavy hitters like Niereich, Marco Bailey, Cortechs and Jonas Kopp. He continues to release very interesting tracks from stomping techno to melodic masterpieces, steadily growing and evolving into a fantastic must watch producer that really excites us…

Tracklist :

01. TRUNCATE : transients (Mike Gervais Remix) [Truncate]
02. NIEREICH : gossip (Ronald Van Norden Remix) [Freitag Limited]
03. POSITIVE MERGE : chromosome [Shout]
04. Q’LE : clover [Shout]
05. CHRIS COLBURN : whipped [8 Sided Dice]
06. MARCO BAILEY : the sniper [MB Elektronics]
07. ELEMENTAL X : thirty sixty (Positive Merge Remix) [Repressure]
08. DANNY SMITH : first steps [Control Room]
09. OLEG MASS & ALEX OKRAZO : glitter (Stevie Wilson Remix) [ReWashed LDT]
10. BLOOD AND TEARS : demise (Niereich Remix) [Spielstaub]
11. DELKO : lost bullet [Blind Spot Music]
12. CORTECHS : wow & flutter [Machine Box]
13. JONAS KOPP : anklad [Krill Music]

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