DTR | Giselh - Green Landscape EP (incl. Under Black Helmet Remix) - SKRPT43

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DTR | Giselh - Green Landscape EP (incl. Under Black Helmet Remix) - SKRPT43

French label Skryptöm present the debut release from Giselh who based in Switzerland, has already shown great promise as a name to keep an eye on.

Along with the four original tracks, the release titled Green Landscape EP also features a remix from man of the moment Under Black Helmet.

Under Black Helmet is best known to many for his contributions to Bas Mooy’s highly influential Mord, but his thundering tracks and remixes can also be found on the likes of KR/LF Records and Code Is Law.

Split across soon to be available vinyl and digital, the opening track “Mekanik” sets the scene with hypnotic rhythms and modulating pulses layered under a buzzing top end. Unfolding to introduce a cinematic string progression it blends tranquil moods with aggressive energy.

Track two “Erosion” has a tougher sound with the staggered rhythms of a break beat kick drum forming a solid foundation for the arpeggiated synth line to bring swelling waves of eerie energy.

The title track “Green Landscape” holds back the percussion with an extended ambient intro that is a wash of droning pads and rubbery textures unleashing the kick drum. Much tougher, but in some ways reminiscent of Nathan Fake’s classic album Drowning In A Sea Of Love, it’s experimental approach sets it apart from the crowd.

DTR | Giselh - Green Landscape EP (incl. Under Black Helmet Remix) - SKRPT43

Under Black Helmet applies his talents to “Green Landscape” and delivers a remix that gets straight to the point. Swapping the extended intro for an instant dose of percussion, he adds punishing claps and beefs up the offbeat rhythms to add a greater sense of urgency. He also subdues the main pad so it becomes more of an ambient texture instead of a lead sound transforming his version into a tough, sonic exploration with extra bite.

Closing the release is the epic “Artisan of Landscapes” that is best described as a culmination of everything that’s come before, as it’s cinematic end of the night vibe holds a subdued tension, it also captures the imagination with a compelling momentum that slowly ramps up the intensity.

Lots to choose from this release of creativity, that has something for most people and those that appreciate intricate sounds.

- Reviewed by Jamie W. for deathtechno.com

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