DEADCERT058 - Pyramidal Decode - Olympic Era

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DEADCERT058 - Pyramidal Decode - Olympic Era

DEAD CERT. Records is a label linked to the well known website ran by Jack! Who? in the UK. A diverse palette has seen previous releases feature artists including Roberto, Paul Mac, TWR72, Echoplex, Eomac and Petter B.

Italian Francesco De Marzo aka Pyramidal Decode delivers his second DEAD CERT. EP with absolute authority. A highly rated producer, he has also released on labels like Edit Select Records, Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection, Fernanda Martins’ Devotion, Vegim’s TMMR and Subsist.

“MF1” opens the EP with a gritty, subterranean techno funk drawing on dub influences and conveying visions of an entrancing, deep sea voyage.

The second track “Opposite” enthuses with its haunting, hypnotic tones and intense percussion elements of analogue brilliance, with a purist heart and compelling crescendos.

“Function A” is a vigorous brute that wants nothing more than dance floor domination from the enchanting, brooding power and twisted drum rhythms.

Fourth and final on the release is “Knife” with a thundering kick at its core it also flaunts a masterful, melancholic melody with raw exuberance that tells tales of gothic dreams.

Supported by…

04LM, 30dop, A.Morgan, Abstract Division, Adriana Lopez, Alderaan, Alexi Delano, Amotik, Anderson Noise, Ángel Molina, Antonio De Angelis, Arjun Vagale, Arnaud Le Texier, Astronomical Telegram, Border One, Boston 168, Bruno Ledesma / Ledd, Carl Craig, Charlotte de Witte, Charlton, Concrete DJz, Cristian Varela, Dax J, Decka, Dimi Angélis, Drumcomplex, DVS1, Durcheinander, Dyno, Echoplex, Electric Indigo, Electric Rescue, Esther Duijn, Fernanda Martins, Filip Xavi, Fixon, FLAWS, Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy, Gianmarco Silvetti, GO!DIVA, Gotshell, Groof, H. Paul, HD Substance, Holldën, Introversion, Ixel, JAK, Jamie Behan, JC Laurent, Jokasti & Nek, Joton, Juan Trujillo, Juho Kusti, Kaiser, Kangding Ray, Kemmi Kamachi, Kike Pravda, Korben Nice, Krenzlin, Kwartz, Leiras, Lewis Fautzi, Manuel Di Martino, Marcel Dettmann, Marco Effe, Marco Faraone, Margaret / Lady M, Mark EG, Mark Morris, Michel Lauriola, MTD, Myles Sergé, NX1 - Surit, Oliver Rosemann, Paula Cazenave, Quantic Spectroscopy / A Thousand Details, Raphael Dincsoy, Ray Kajioka, Raymundo Rodriguez, Re:Axis, Rene Wise, Robert Hoff, Samuli Kemppi, Shlomi Aber, Sigha, Slam, Sone, Svarog, Sven Wittekind, Stephan Krus, Stephanie Sykes, Takaaki Itoh, Temudo, Truncate, TWIST3D, Unbalance, Vegim, Vertical Spectrum, Viels, Vince Watson, Vladw, Volster, W.I.R.E, Yoikol and many more…


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