DT:Premiere | Rhythm Assembler - Mangle [made of CONCRETE]

DT:Premiere | Rhythm Assembler - Mangle [made of CONCRETE]

made of CONCRETE is a Berlin imprint that has a healthy habit of always selecting interesting artists for their releases such as Markus Suckut, Alex Bau, Kyle Geiger, Alexander Kowalski or Andre Kronert.

The twenty seventh EP aptly titled Concrete Structures welcomes back Italian artist Rhythm Assembler aka MTD who heads up the Methodical label as well as Sonntag Morgen. Also featuring on remix duty is the excellent Johannes Volk of Exploration Records and who can also be found on Jeff Mill’s Axis, Sven Väth’s Cocoon or Kr!z’s Token.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the track “Mangle” that is a masterful trip into hooky techno. The modular bleeps are an instant familiarity and the sci-fi tones are as sensationally satisfying, while the warm and stabbing bass notes provide the perfect jovial ride.

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MOCD027 - Rhythm Assembler - Concrete Structures

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