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It’s all about the vibe, the energy, the feeling. There are only a handful of DJs in Berlin who completely bend on this trinity. Growing up in Germany’s capital, Andrejko is not only one of the rising DJs of the Berlin underground dance scene; his style has a unique and appealing recognition value. Flows from the realm of STATTBAD, his closing sets on Sunday morning were clearly an institution of the Berlin club in the heart of Wedding before it closed. First and foremost, it’s his dark-pitched techno design that gets stuck. Stomping, rattling, crushing – his penchant for stripped-down techno, that is driven to some breakouts to English mentors as well, is the cause of his uncompromising but always hypnotic sound. Far from any nostalgia, Andrejko symbolizes a new generation of DJs that not only disclaims too much embellishment or useless attachments, his sets live on an energetic aura that knows about the past, but spreads its tentacles here and now. Because of this post-modern approach, Andrejko keeps it simple without being monotonous. For him diversity is spelled with weight, hardness and this matchless robust groove.

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