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Exploring the borders of our being through sound, movement and perception. Shifting the future and shaping the unreachable by provoking raw emotions.

Border One always had a firm passion for music, be it electronical or jazz influenced, as the mind is always pulled towards creative and otherworldly music. Over the years he has steadily developed into a fine selector with an incredible steady and polished mixing style behind the turntables. Immune to trends and hypes he embraces the true skills of an old school DJ.

But even more Border One crafts a unique journey throughout his productions: exploring the borders of his self-consciousness spectrum through sound, perception and melancholy. Seemingly out of nowhere, this gifted musician dropped his first EP “Bittersharp“ in 2015 on Wolfskuil Records. This resulted in gigs at famous clubs and events like Fuse, Arena Club, Griessmuehle, Kompass Klub and Kozzmozz, among others.

His strong debut was soon followed by outings on Stockholm LTD, the legendary label from Pär Grindvik, and Ressort Imprint. All cuts showcasing his mature vision after years of hard work in the studio. It’s easy to see and hear what makes Border One stand out of the crowd. In a world that’s surrounded by dark clouds and uncertainty Border One shines a bright light upon us as he emerges from the shadows of the vaults.

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