TWR72 is made up of Tom Doorschodt & Roger van der Zwan and is an Amsterdam based techno duo sharing a real passion for the same sorts of sounds and showcasing them to the wider world. As such, they are a thriving act turning many heads and are pioneering their own forward-thinking approach to electronic music. It finds them combining pulsing rhythms with a direct sense of drive and binding both to a strong signature groove.

Tracky, stripped-back and tough as all hell, TWR72 deliver an ultra-lean cut of prime techno that always gets people moving. Their sound is forward, not backwards, and it most often comes on their own label FLOAT, as well as strong outlets like Planet Rhythm. All this means that TWR72 are getting more and more support for their iconic sound from major artists around the world, with high profile gigs at headline making clubs such as Berghain filling up their diary each and every weekend.

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