DEADCERT036 - VA - Priority Mail 2018

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A hand picked selection of remixes from the DEAD CERT. back catalogue to start off the new year.

01. Audiolux - Values (TWR72 Remix)

TWR72 are an Amsterdam based duo and heads of the superb Float Records that has featured artists such as Samuli Kemppi, Markus Suckut, Developer, Psyk, Henning Baer and many more. Their own back catalogue includes releases for the highly respected Planet Rhythm, Tiga’s Turbo Recordings, Figure Jams, remixes for Mark Broom, Charlotte de Witte and Florian Meindl to name only a few.

02. Redial Tone - Hope (Paul Mac Remix)

Paul is widely considered a legend of the UK scene, having chalked up more than 20 years in the music industry. Spearheading label projects such as Stimulus and C-Side, he has also released music on the likes of James Ruskin’s Blueprint, Oscar Mulero’s Warm Up and Heiko Laux’s Kanzleramt.

03. Caremajor - Persistence (Unam Zetineb aka UZB Remix)

Spanish artist Unam Zetineb who also releases under the name of UZB and others, has built up an impressive back catalogue which includes Dustin Zahn’s label Enemy Records, Hans Bouffymhre’s Sleaze, Joachim Spieth’s Affin and DJ Hi-Shock’s Elektrax to name but a few.

04. Callum Plant - Xhang (XHEI Remix)

Argentina based XHEI is a much loved producer who focuses on strong dancefloor rhythms with a rich history that includes contributions to labels including CLR, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Dynamic Reflection, Unknown Territory, EgoTon, Illegal Alien amongst others.

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A.Morgan, Acensor, Alan Fitzpatrick, Alderaan, Aleja Sanchez, Alex.Do, Alex Dolby, Andre Kronert, Andres Gil, Ángel Molina, Antonio De Angelis, Arnaud Le Texier, Astronomical Telegram, Audio Injection / Truncate, Beat Movement, Bodyscrub, C-System, Chris Liebing, Christian Wünsch, Coefficient, Cortechs, Couch Lock, Craig McWhinney, D-Leria, Dandi & Ugo, Dave Clarke, Dave Ellesmere, David Att, Deepak Sharma, Developer, Diarmaid O’Meara, DJ Bone, DJ Deep, DJ Emerson, DJ Hi-Shock / Advanced Human, DJ Hyperactive, DJ Pete / Substance, DJ Rolando, DJ Shiva / Noncompliant, Donor, Dorian Gray, Drumloch, Dubit, Dykkon, Echoplex, Electric Indigo, Electrorites, Eric Fetcher, Espen Lauritzen, Exium, Fixon, Florian Meindl, Flug, Forest People, Fundamental Interaction [DYAD], H. Paul, HD Substance, Héctor Oaks, GabeeN, Gary Beck, Gonzalo MD, Ionic Benton, Ixel, Jake Conlon, J.Tijn, James Ruskin, Jamie Haus, Jay Clarke, Jeff Rushin, Jeroen Search, Jose Pouj, Justin Schumacher, Kaelan, Kemmi Kamachi, Kevin de Vries, Kereni, Kirk Degiorgio, Krenzlin, Kwartz, Kyle Geiger, L.A.W, Lars Klein, Lee Holman, Let’s Go Outside, Lewis Fautzi, LISS C, Luca Agnelli, M.I.T.A, Madben, Marco Asoleda, Mark Broom, Marla Singer, Mary Velo, Material Object, Mental Resonance, Mike Gervais, MTD, Lance Blaise / Monix, Modig, Monocraft, Mr. Jones, Neireich, Nihad Tule, Norman Nodge, NX1, Ø [Phase], Patrick DSP, Patrick Lindsey, Paul Nazca, Petrichor, Philippe Petit, Pinion, Psyk / Maan, Quail, Radial, Raíz, Raphael Dincsoy, RedHead, Regal, Ricardo Garduno, Robert S (PT), Roberto Capuano, Rødhåd, RVDE, Slam, Sone, Soolee, Spartaque, Spiros Kaloumenos, Stevie Wilson, Submerge, Takaaki Itoh, Timmo, UBX127, Unbalance, Ungar, Uun, Viktoria, Wirrwarr, Xpansul and many more…

DEADCERT036 - VA - Priority Mail 2018


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