DT:Premiere | Joaquin Ruiz - Signals (Antonio De Angelis Remix) [West Rules]

DT:Premiere | Joaquin Ruiz - Signals (Antonio De Angelis Remix) [West Rules]

West Rules is a new hub of music from Buenos Aires, Argentina that has been launched by much loved producer Joaquin Ruiz who has been making a solid impact the last few years.

With two new original tracks on WR003, he has also released quality music on the likes of Re:Axis’ Monocline, Robert S (PT)’s trau-ma, Labrynth, Vegim’s TMMR, Arnaud Le Texier’s Children of Tomorrow and many more.

Appearing on remix duty is the London based producer Antonio De Angelis who has been delivering amazing music for quite some time, and his remix here follows contributions to our own DEAD CERT. Records, Children of Tomorrow, Sonntag Morgen, and Dynamic Reflection for example.

The track we selected for this DT:Premiere is Antonio’s rework of “Signals” as he focuses on a hypnotic and building tension as the spine of track. Panning, stuttering hats add depth and welcome disorientation to the piece, as the slow burn rises to a bubbling a simmer after the break with a wall of energetic and haunting emotion. Engaging and produced with a midas touch, this is destined to reach out and capture new souls…

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WR003 - Joaquin Ruiz - Signals

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