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Nicolas Bornia aka Farceb is one of the new figures emerging from the techno music in Argentina and is considered one of the best dj/ producers of his country in recent years. Farceb began his career a few years ago by taking their first steps in the musical production influenced by producers of the old and new school where began to leave samples of the type of music that he was always interested. His concept of music transcends the usual providing a unique experience full of personality transmitting different atmospheres and sensations in their tracks as in his sessions.

In 2013 he released his first track on a compilation of various artists for the Mexican label Prototype and others labels from several countries such as Germany, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Scotland, Australia and France (ARTS, Subsequent Records, Natch Records, Concerns Music, Circular LTD, Modul, Android Muziq, Unknown Territory, TonO Limited, B4CK6ROUNDNO1SE and Tripalium).

The same year he published his EP “Eryops” in the Italian label ARTS, where later would have more collaborations where it was able to verify that their particular musical style was accepted by many artists and the public in general. Shortly after he made his debut appearing for the first time at the legendary club Cocoliche from Buenos Aires, along with Oscar Mulero (Polegroup), one of the greatest figures of the techno scene global.

In the year 2014 integrates the new Argentine stamp called Orióni, editing his first track on vinyl with other Argentinian artists as Mental Resonance, Pulse one, Zedje, Luis Ruiz, Jonas Kopp, Espen Lauritzen and Matt Saderlan . Shortly after beginning to produce a more fruitful and constant in what would be the turning point in his career looking for a new musical style which caracterize, in which creates a hypnotic atmosphere and track with very marked increases and envelopes.

These sounds escape the monotony and present varied and unexpected, since it always takes to experiment with new sounds extracted from its interior and whose effectiveness is put in test in each event. All this in addition to a great interest to maintain the spirit of the underground techno music, carry it in 2015 to establish his first label called Nordem which counts with the collaboration of great artists.

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