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1981 an eleven year old kid gets a gift, that is the New Life 7 inch by Depeche Mode, from that very moment the cold beats of drum machines and the alien sounds of synthesizers are the soundtrack of his life, until today.

Living the eighties as a teenager, he absorbs every futuristic and dark sound as a fan, new wave, goth, proto EBM, classics like Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream …

1987 marks the switch from being pasive to being active, he gets his first synth and drum machine combo as a christmas gift from their parents, a second hand Kawai Sx 240 keyboard and a Korg kpr 77 drum machine, and starts making his own noises and beats from scratch. Soon he forms his first music project, called Ballet Mecánico, with his two fellows Groof and Daniel Erbe.

Heavily synth pop influenced in the beginning, their sound soon moves to darker territories after discovering Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb and later moving into proto rave sounds via the Frequencies album by LFO or the Yellow album by Orbital, as well as those lovely Detroit compilations released in the UK by Network records: Bio Rhythm and Retro techno among others. This project last until the mid nineties and left two vinyl releases.

1995 is when his solo career as Hd Substance starts, releasing a track on the Electronic Generators compilation, a showcase of Spanish Techno pioneers at the moment, on Geometrik records, home of the seminal industrial cult band Esplendor Geométrico a stepping stone to his debut album Eleven on the also cult label Elefant Records. 2015 after more than 20 years in the business, more than 30 EP’s and six full length albums, HD Substance is still here as a full actor in the scene, writing, composing, remixing and playing electronic beats all over the globe, as live performer or as traditional beatmatching DJ. An entire life devoted to electronic music in any form.

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