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Avian (Label Boss) / Mote Evolver / Stroboscopic Artefacts

Since the birth of the last decade Shifted has been responsible for some of techno’s most exciting explorations.

Collectively, through his latest projects and history in drum & bass, he has subconsciously forged his own path within the field of modern electronic music. His unique yet uncompromising mastery of sound and space, texture and tonalities have positioned him high in the ranks at the ever fertile juncture between noise, ambient & contemporary techno.

Founded in 2011, his label Avian (and extensions Drifting Over, Mira and Pacific-Blue) have been described as ‘consistently cutting edge and sometimes unclassifiable, often leaving behind lucrative areas they help build interest in for lesser-explored sounds’. Avian’s reputation and identity have been shaped and reinforced by numerous defining outings from Shifted and further techno experiments by some of his most intriguing contemporaries.
By challenging artists and pushing them out of their comfort zone Avian encourages them to take risks, explore new territories and go above and beyond the common standard. In 2020 Shifted will release his fourth album via Avian which will add another layer of detail to his dense and coldly colourful discography.

With diligent analysis of sonic space guided by a calling to explore darker realms Shifted has yielded spectacular results on a selection of electronic music’s most innovative labels. Through a series of initial EP’s and his debut album, he showcased his ability to embrace a new sound with an identity of his own where deep explorations of texture tangle with four to the floor beats.

Via his Covered In Sand, Relay and Alexander Lewis aliases, including his collaborative project A Model Authority, his work became increasingly avant-garde with refined outcomes of his signature sound. Shifted’s two albums on Hospital Productions, one under their side label Bed Of Nails, found much acclaim for their experimental methods and dystopian undertones. In these works, he favours abstract and atonal sounds with painstaking attentiveness towards microscopic sonic details.

As an artist, Shifted looks to the periphery of genre, to the fringes of scenes - to the space as yet unexplored through his own lens. Recontextualising and reaffirming influence with restless abandon, the British musician’s work up to this point serves as a testament to an artist with much ground yet to cover.

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