DTMIX054 - Acensor [Mainz, GERMANY]

DTMIX054 - Acensor [Mainz, GERMANY]

Meet Acensor. Ralf & Jörg are one of the hottest talents we’ve discovered recently through their DJ sets and production. They are now residents at a very exciting club night called .raw, playing with Monoloc, Brian Sanhaji, DJ Emerson, Alan Fitzpatrick and Rocco Caine. Their style is brutal, fast-paced and energetic that is direct from the start and never stops! A duo we expect huge things from and will be involved with DEAD CERT. Records. This powerful mix includes artists like Cortechs, Audio Injection, Hans Bouffmyhre, Pfirter, Sasha Carassi, Jonas Kopp, Mike Maass and plenty more smashers…

Tracklist :

01. CORTECHS : ganglion cell [Mechno Music]
02. JUSTIN SCHUMACHER : gate (Audio Injection Remix) [Ill Bomb Records]
03. HANS BOUFFMYHRE : hurricane [8 Sided Dice]
04. TRUNCATE : transients (Mike Gervais Remix) [Truncate]
05. MOTOR feat. BILLY RAY MARTIN : hyper lust (Pfirter Remix) [CLR]
06. DEVELOPER : programma (Truncate Remix) [Modularz]
07. MOTOR : the knife (Brian Sanhaji Remix) [CLR]
08. NIEREICH & MIKE MAASS : changing societies [069 Techno]
09. HANS BOUFFMYHRE : breathe [Sleaze]
10. SPARK TABERNER : calibrate [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
11. ANDREAS KRAEMER & DJ UPDATE : animal [Naked Lunch]
12. GARY BECK : tammo chanter (Mark Reeve Remix) [Suara]
13. THE ADVENT & JASON FERNANDES : omen (Sasha Carassi Remix) [Skyline Type Groove]
14. MOTOR feat. BILLY RAY MARTIN : lust (Monoloc Remix) [CLR]
15. PIERRE BRAUN : flamenco (Mike Maass Remix) [DAT]
16. MODZ : promotion of virtue [Droid]
17. YAN STRICKER : fight for nothing (Audio Injection Remix) [Organism]
18. LEX GORRIE : wrong turn (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Illegal Alien]
19. BRENDON MOELLER : off the grid [Electric Deluxe]
20. RAIZ & JEFF DERRINGER : deceit (Edit Select Remix) [Electric Deluxe]
21. SUTTER CANE : outer limits (Audio injection Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
22. TOM LAWS : acid theatre (Alex Bau Remix) [Respekt]
23. LOGOTECH : bohemian grove (Giorgio Gigli Remix) [Gynoid Audio]

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