DTR | Tunnel - Meditations (incl. Virulent, Sone, Pinion & Dorian Gray Remixes) - WBM016D

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Labeled as an EP, Meditations resembles more of a mini album in many respects. Not only by the five original tracks, but three remixes and two bonus remixes, it seems like a lot to take in at once and be certain it is. Some multi track packs become a chore at the best of times to wade through, where usually one or two tracks seem to push my buttons. However, once again, Chicago based [ webuildmachines ] shows an utter disregard for rules and to always expect the unexpected as they continue to mark their territory.

DTR | Tunnel - Meditations (incl. Virulent, Sone, Pinion & Dorian Gray Remixes) - WBM016D
We recently featured a DT:Premiere from the boss, who is affectionately known as [ T U N N E L ] and literally unstoppable. He makes ferociously intelligent, soulful and experimental Techno crafts with such effortless precision. Some guys just know how to do it and it just works. Each track is on a high level par and equally engaging as the last, there’s no ‘drop off’ so to speak, which is in itself hard to find.

Awakening” starts by showing off some brutal, broken beat delays and deep textures, where it manages to explore some jovial melodic work before tearing you back into the abyss of rawness.

Observation of Sensation” takes on a more dub-fuelled sound with a throbbing kick and piercing synths, which might not sound too groundbreaking, then as the break beat appears, it progresses into new tangents and coagulates back to where it was. Stunning stuff.

The interlude intro of “Impermanence” from the last track, gives you a minute of relaxation before more pounding action continues. This time the melancholic hook takes the shape of either a distorted organ or squeeling guitar for an interesting impact.

Craving & Aversion” has a slightly more futuristic feel, like an epic blockbuster’s final scene, it harnesses a strong emotion and tension at the same time.

The last original “Equanimity” holds the backbone that runs through all these tracks, but yet again adds something new that hasn’t yet been heard. By this time you really start to hear [ T U N N E L ]’s consistent style as his own and one to behold.

A pleasure to see more American guys involved with this release and flexing there stuff too…

Virulent delivers a more floor friendly remix as the first of re-tweaks. He succeeds in giving a wonderful, complimenting integrity to the original, yet still stands alone.

Sone takes Craving & Aversion on a rocking, uplifting, power trip with his Restless Dub, that climbs superbly and is the perfect tool for getting creative with others in a mix.

The final arrangement from Pinion takes on two tracks, using parts from both to create a crazy, stomping, angsty lesson in devastation. What’s not to like?

Then there’s two more versions from the Italian one-to-watch Dorian Gray that adds even more class and surprises to this already 5 star release.

If you want to get your mind expanded and transported for a good hour or so, then honestly, look no further.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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