DTR | Ixel - Hidden Shapes - WMLTD022

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DTR | Ixel - Hidden Shapes - WMLTD022
Ixel has really come into his own in recent years following a slight style change and has remained an on point producer for many years. Regular appearances on Mike Wall‘s Berlin imprint Wall Music have been backed up by tracks and remixes landing on labels like Florian Meindl’s Flash Recordings, Coeter’s Kaputt and Yan Stricker’s !Organism amongst many others.

His debut album is initially a vinyl offering on Wall Music LTD entitled Hidden Shapes and really flaunts his sound in an outstanding concept collection. Much to my admiration is an all killer, no filler track selection, where he focuses on signature weighty, groove-laiden, club rhythms over eleven tracks in total with three being exclusively digital only.

Torus” harnesses an aggressive stance with modular twinges and stabbing synths to kick things off nicely. “Rhombus” works a rolling melody that expands with tidy progressions and expert neatness. “Helix” goes down a funky and airy path, using a stripped style to full effect. “Cylinder” is marauding and driving with a rising tension throughout, where “Prism” just edges my favourite for being a complete mind melter, full of jacking excitement and hidden depth.

A masterful production package, oozing dancefloor etiquette that is an absolute pleasure to get locked into and experience from beginning to end, bringing new twists and turns with each listen.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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