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The Glaswegian powerhouse Gary Beck has been ever-present for over a decade with what some may say are game changing productions along the way. Having appeared on a wide spectrum of strong labels such as Slam’s Soma, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, Len Faki’s Figure, Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe, Perc Trax and Edit Select Records amongst others, he has proven his pedigree time and time again.

In 2009, Gary began his own label adventure launching BEK Audio that has become a stable to his own productions as well as featuring many of his peers alongside new emerging talent. The celebratory 10 year release welcomes a plenitude of respected artists like DJ Rush, Alan Fitzpatrick, Petter B, Mark Broom and Insolate to name only a few.

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Part 1 - Beatport

Part 2 - Beatport

We spoke with the main man to find out more behind the momentous new compilation…


Q&A with Gary Beck
by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

DTN | BEK Audio Celebrates 10 Years

> Hi Gary , thanks for chatting with us and congrats on the milestone! Can you give us a little introduction to yourself and BEK Audio?
I’ve been in the scene for a little over 11 years now, producing mostly techno. My label BEK followed shortly after with the initial idea of releasing mostly my own productions. This changed over time as I started receiving some amazing music for other artists.

> Reaching a 10 year anniversary is something to be very proud of. Has your passion for music and releasing music ever wavered? What keeps you going?
It occasionally does waver. This can be down to your general mood on the day or uninspiring music heard through the week. But working hard in the studio and trying new ideas always keeps me going. I would also say the level of support my music and the label has had over the years has given me a constant boost too.

> How does it feel personally for you to have reached this milestone?
It has happened so quickly! I couldn’t believe it when I was told that my 10th year was approaching. The output of music has been relatively limited, however I like to think the standard has been high. I’m extremely ‘picky’ when it comes to putting out music. I won’t just throw out anything just to keep the label in the spotlight.

> What has been a highlight moment or something you particularly remember as an achievement in the journey so far?
With BEK Audio, it was a great moment when Mr. G agreed to collaborate for the label. He has been a hero of mine since the early 2000’s. Also having the likes of Speedy J, DJ Rush, Mark Broom and Slam on the label makes me immensely proud.

> Which track from the labels back catalogue stands out as a classic to you?
It would have to be ‘Video Siren’. I still get asked at every gig to play it.

Gary Beck - Video Siren [BEK Audio] (2013)

> Which artists are you keeping an eye on at the moment?
JX-216 and Ryan McKay have been putting out some really cool, energetic tracks and I’m proud to have them on my label.

> How far ahead have you planned already? What can we expect this year and beyond? Are there any special plans you are yet to announce?
I don’t plan too far ahead. When I have the music I’ll put it out. Look out for a new Ryan McKay EP, along with myself featuring on the upcoming releases.

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