METIER004 - Reveillon - Moment of Clarity

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MÉTIER is the new label from Jack! Who? and his UK based project that is set to journey into deep, dreamy, dub, techno, acid, electro and ambient that will surprise and delight from release to release.

Collage artwork images are by local artist Grassi Art.

METIER004 - Reveillon - Moment of Clarity

Reveillon is a collaboration by Argentinian artists Dist and Gestalt who own Gomboc Records. Releasing music since 2017, they create expansive takes on techno sounds from ambient to industrial and everything in between.

Solace” opens the release as a dystopian looking-glass with sci-fi atmospherics and deep, haunting chords that add a rich, cinematic ambience.

The title track “Moment of Clarity” steps things up to stellar new heights while continuing the spacey vibe. Injecting more thump and an ethereal feeling, this sparse masterpiece has an emotional essence.

- Any activity that is pursued as a profession; a calling.
- A field of work in which one has special ability or outstanding talent.

METIER004 - DJ Feedback
METIER004 - DJ Feedback


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