DTR | Albert Chiovenda - The Dwelling Place LP - AFK059

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DTR | Albert Chiovenda - The Dwelling Place LP - AFK059
Albert Chiovenda of Australia’s Sydney, has found himself a necromantic niche of modular creativity that has now seen his music released on Ben Sims’ Machine Label, Kessell of Exium’s Granulart, as well as Temudo, VIL and Nørbak’s HAYES Collective. Not only has he contributed to these impressive labels, but also lists a collaboration credit with the Ukranian guru Stanislav Tolkachev.

Albert’s latest package titled The Dwelling Place LP includes three tracks that will be available on limited clear vinyl and another four that are reserved as digital exclusives. Affekt Recordings in Italy is the host of his second ever album ran by Alex Dolby, and the imprint has welcomed artists like Jonas Kopp, Grindvik and Alex Bau previously.

Opening the hatch and displaying no fear, he instantly transports the listener to a spacey aesthetic of dramatic and edgy tones, full of emotion and storytelling wonder like the title cut. Comprised with an occasional abrasive, angular riff like on “Cluster“, there are definitely more dance floor focused productions such as the rolling, jovial “Synergistic Perception” or the demanding and charismatic “Somnium“.

A somewhat leftfield techno artist who enjoys vibrant sound design and distinct, abstract experimentation, he brings to the table a seasoned style of endless, purist, intrigue.

Not only should you deep dive into Albert Chiovenda’s production catalogue, but you can also tune in to his latest set he contributed to our very own special mix archive…

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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